Betting on golf is a great way to make the game more exciting and there’s always something worth betting on. The problem is that it’s more difficult than it looks. Given that dozens of people are entering the major golfing tournaments, it’s difficult to choose an outright winner. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of success though. Keep these golf betting tips in mind when placing a bet with the bookie.


Research is a major factor of any kind of betting success, and golf is no different. Make sure that you do some research before putting down a bet. Every golfer has a course and tournament that they prefer and perform better at. Learn more about the individual preferences of players and who is most likely to shine at a tournament.

Some golfers are better than others when it comes to particular conditions as well. If the weather is cold, windy, and wet, then it can make it harder for a golfer to judge their shots. Not every golfer is handicapped by the weather though. If a golfer is known to thrive in bad conditions then keep them in mind when the weather gets sour.

Focus Your Research

It’s not enough to just research golf however. There’s a lot of different golfing events unfolding all year round. It’s impossible to fully understand all of them. Rather you want to focus your research efforts on a select number of tournaments.

There’s plenty of statistics out there on golfers including their putting average, driving accuracy, and green in regulation stats. These are the three most important stats to know for a golfer. Taking a look at how they performed in these fields in different tournaments helps you choose who is likely to succeed.

Consider the Course Type

The course type can be a surprisingly big factor when it comes to how a golfer might score. Some courses are designed for players that can hit a long and powerful drive, while other courses are better suited to people who have mastered their short game.

British and Irish golfers tend to thrive on links courses compared to golfers from other nationalities. This is something to consider when betting on tournaments from courses such as Royal Birkdale, Royal Troon, and Tralee.

Don’t Bet More than you Can Afford to Lose

One thing you’ll discover during your research is that golf can be very unpredictable. Given that this is the case, it’s never been more important to avoid betting more than you can afford to lose. When it comes to golf betting tips you should look for good value bets and find some insider tips to make smart betting choices.

Take a look at an odds comparison service as different bookies can offer different odds on the same bet. You’ll be surprised at how much the odds can differ, so be sure to make the right bet at the right odds.

Golf is one of those things that looks simple until you take a closer look at it. This includes golf betting. We’re sure that after reading our golf betting tips you’ve got a solid foundation on how to choose a winner in golf. Good luck, and thanks for reading.